Elmer’s Little Library (комплект из 4 миниатюрных книг) David McKee


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Книга Провинциальный маг Шенгальц И. Книга Вредные советы Остер Г. Книги зарубежных издательств на иностранных языках. Малая библиотека Элмера Издательство: Slipcase of 4 board books Размер: This chunky little library contains four board books - Colours, Numbers, Shapes and Actions.

Little hands will love turning each sturdy page and meeting favourite friends from the world of Elmer the patchwork elephant.

Ожидаемая дата поступления на склад: A vibrant collection of five favourite stories starring the world famous patchwork elephant, including: Presents a message is that it is ok to be different. Rain or no rain, Elmer is going for a walk. After being cooped up in a cave with his herd, he longs for a bit of fresh air and some peace and quiet. But peace and quiet is going to have to wait - when Elmer goes outside, he discovers the rain has caused a flood.

Can brave Elmer work out a way to save a stranded young elephant? They choose a tree to decorate and prepare the presents for Papa Red to collect during the night to take to those who need them. But this year Elmer has a special treat in store for the young elephants, if they can keep quiet and out of sight.

One day, as Elmer is strolling through the jungle, he hears a cry for help. A butterfly has been trapped in a hole by a fallen branch. Elmer rushes to the rescue and frees her with ease.